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The Intuitive Customer - Helping You Improve Your Customer Experience To Gain Growth

Aug 28, 2021

No one ever sends out an email that they hope no one will read. Well, not on purpose, anyway. No one would go through the trouble of writing, editing, circulating, and then editing an email some more only to have readers skip it and click on another, more compelling email in the inbox. We write and send emails to...

Aug 21, 2021

A lot of the behavioral sciences can feel intimidating. However, it doesn’t have to be. The Five Rules Podcast Series is our attempt at giving you an easy entry point into the complex and messy world of Behavioral Science.

A couple of years ago, research from some well-respected firms came back with the conclusion...

Aug 14, 2021

We were excited to reach our 200th Episode of the podcast! In this episode, we look back on six of our favorite podcasts from these first 200 episodes and what the key learning was from each of them. 

We want to thank our listeners for tuning in each week to hear our ramblings. We are proud of what we do, but it would...

Aug 7, 2021

It all started with Apple's Air Tags. As soon as I heard about them, I knew that they would be exceptional, and I had to have them. 

But why? I had a drawerful of other manufacturer's products that did the same thing. What was so special about these?

My answer is because these were from Apple, and the reason Apple is...