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The Intuitive Customer - Helping You Improve Your Customer Experience To Gain Growth

Sep 25, 2021

We all love to keep what is ours. As soon as we have possession of something, it becomes part of our “endowment,” a fancy word for “our stuff.” Psychologists call this the Endowment Effect, and it explains how we value things that we have, even if we got them for free.

However, we also hate losing our stuff,...

Sep 18, 2021

Sometimes customers don’t come back. The two biggest reasons that customers do not come back are apathy and rudeness. With either behavior on your side of the experience, you will lose customers' business. So how do you get them to say, “I’ll be back?” 

Our guest Shep Hyken, author, speaker, and thought leader...

Sep 11, 2021

You probably didn’t mean to do it. You were just trying to market the latest brand effort to your new and existing customer base. You were doing your job; getting the message out. Unfortunately, your marketing inadvertently damaged your customer focus. 

However, marketing isn’t the only area to blame for the problem....

Sep 4, 2021

If you are like most companies, you probably think that you put the customer at the center of everything you do. But do you?

There are some critical things that the most customer centric companies do differently than the average company. It requires a mindset that understands the essential nature of it and then a...