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The Intuitive Customer - Helping You Improve Your Customer Experience To Gain Growth

Apr 30, 2022

A lot of the behavioral sciences can feel intimidating. However, it doesn’t have to be. The Five Rules Podcast Series is our attempt at giving you an easy entry point into the complex and messy world of Behavioral Science.

Experiments serve as the gold standard for determining causality. If we create them correctly,...

Apr 23, 2022

Prices will never be low enough for customers. After all, have you ever got a customer survey back that said you should charge more for your product or service? Have you ever written that yourself as a customer? Of course you haven’t! Who would?

As you may remember, some of our listeners write in to our “I’m in a...

Apr 16, 2022

A lot of companies get customer segmentation wrong. Or they got it right, but they did it seven years ago. The fact is that if you have customer segments that were constructed before February 2020, you probably need to do it again. Things have changed dramatically over the past couple of years, and the customer behavior...

Apr 9, 2022

Organizations only pay lip service to CX, and now, we have the numbers to prove it. 

From Zendesk’s The Trends Report 2022, you can see a clear dichotomy between what people say they will do and what they will actually do regarding CX.  

You should read the whole report, but for starters, here are some stats I was...

Apr 2, 2022

A common mistake organizations make with their experience is failing to understand customer expectations. This mistake will lead to customers feeling unhappy and disappointed—two emotions I guarantee won’t contribute to your customer-driven growth. 

Expectations are a form of Reference Point, which people use to...