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Jan 7, 2023

Every so often, I get a chance to chit-chat with colleagues of mine about the future of customer experience. This time, my colleagues were pioneers in customer experience, Lou Carbone (Experience author of Clued In, and Joe Pine (, author of The Experience Economy. We discussed what we see changing in CX. 


We all think we are at a turning point in the movement. There are a lot of things that the recent pandemic has broken. However, organizations haven’t fixed all of them. Add in the inflation rates that are crippling the economy and affecting customer behavior, and you have a good idea of the state of things these days. 


However, my colleagues and I agree there are also exciting things on the horizon. Customer experience enjoyed its first academic nod. We also see CEOs taking a new interest in creative thinking and open-mindedness. Customer science looms on the horizon. 


In this episode, we explore the potential for the new year in the customer experience movement and combine the powers of decades of experience to guess what will happen in 2023. We see significant changes coming and share what we see and what you should do about it. 


Key Ideas to Improve your Customer Experience


The state of affairs today in customer strategy is dire. The American Customer Satisfaction Index is at its lowest level in 17 years. From 2010 to 2019, two-thirds of organizations still needed to improve customer satisfaction. Forrester predicted that one out of every five people in Customer Experience would lose their job in the next twelve months. 


Here are some other critical moments in the discussion:


  • 02:53  Carbone discusses how too much business thinking is still stuck in the industrial age and how we should change that.
  • 08:31   Pine describes how experiences are about people’s time, not wasting it but making it well-spent.
  • 12:51 Colin threatens to sing Abba’s “Knowing me Knowing You.”
  • 20:00  Carbone announces a milestone for customer experience management, getting a nod from academia. 
  • 27:36 Pine shares ideas about developing new measurements for success in CX beyond the traditional that might track customer sentiment more than today’s measures.
  • 36:11 We share our predictions for the new year and what organizations should focus on.


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