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Sep 9, 2023

Is your data ready? Is your team ready? Are you ready? Being ready is critical to the successful implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) to improve your customer experience.

The next competitive battleground for organizations will be predictive experiences, or experiences that anticipate customers’ needs. The ability to make these predictions is AI-driven. However, to do so accurately requires data, lots of quality data. 

Herein lies the rub for many organizations. Their data house is full of siloed data and isn’t ready for AI analysis. So, firms need to be sure that they address this challenge before devoting a ton of time and resources to the implementation. 

However, there is another challenge, too. Many organizations might think they want to implement AI, because it’s so cool and people like to have the coolest, newest thing. But, in some cases, AI might not be the best fit. It isn’t magic; it has some things it does well and some that it doesn’t. Knowing what problems your organization has can help you decide whether AI can do the right things for you right now. 

There’s a lot to consider before implementing AI in your customer experience. What ready means and how AI can improve customer experience are two areas that are not always well understood by organizations. Moreover, the size of the firm has little to do with the understanding; big companies are struggling the same way little ones are, albeit in different areas. 

 In this episode, we host The Agile Brand podcast host  Greg Kihlstrom, ( Principal Chief Strategies for GK5A, on this week’s episode to explain how organizations can get ready and what AI is positioned to provide organizations.

Here are some other key moments in the discussion:

  • 03:45  We ask Kihlstrom to explain some of the common issues he sees in the introduction of AI and technology. 

  • 09:25 Ryan lead Kihlstrom into talking about how organizations are faring with implementation, who is and isn’t having a great go at it, and where it is going in the future. 

  • 20:19  Kihlstrom explains how the most innovative companies are using AI to the extent it can provide proactive experiences.   

  • 25:49  Colin shares his worries that too many organizations will not use a unified approach in implementation.

  • 35:25  We all share our advice about implementation and what organizations should do to make this work for them.


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