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The Intuitive Customer - Improve Your Customer Experience To Gain Growth

Jul 3, 2022

I was recently out and about and thought how happy I was that the pandemic was behind us. Many people must feel the same way because retail is bouncing back after two terrible years. However, it’s not bouncing back to the way it was before. Customers have changed how they want things and organizations should take advantage of how a physical and virtual experience work together in their customer strategy. 


Bjorn contacted us with this very question. He has a business pickle that he wants help with, specifically, how to leverage the technology like Customer Science and online tools developed during the pandemic to enhance the brick-and-mortar Customer Experience. 


In this episode, we explore this subject. We give examples of some excellent versions of this integration as well as areas of opportunity for them. We refer to two other podcasts, Nissan and the Metaverse, that discuss these types of integrations that might also help surrounding this topic.  We also give Bjorn and the rest of you the practical advice that can make this process work for your customers and your bottom line.


Key Ideas to Improve your Customer Experience


Different people want distinctive experiences at various times. This idea is the foundation of Customer Segmentation and targeted marketing. When discussing an integration between online and physical Customer Strategies, it is essential to consider why people want one over the other or why they were motivated to be in the type of interaction they are at any given time. This understanding will help you create an integration strategy that enhances things for your customers rather than detracts. 


Here are a few key moments in the discussion:


  • 02:40  We hear about Bjorn’s pickle from Bjorn himself and reflect on how the pandemic changed both online and brick-and-mortar interactions likely forever.
  • 06:01  Colin shares a story about a recent shopping experience that was an excellent example of what is possible with the physical/virtual experience integration until they blew it at the end.
  • 11:35  We talk about how the most important question to ask when comparing shoppers between online and in-person is their motivation for being there. 
  • 14:30  Colin shares some interesting statistics from McKinsey’sWhat's Next for Digital Consumers? May 23rd, 2021,” which leads to a discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of human interactions in Customer Experiences and how organizations should adapt experiences regarding that.   
  • 22:53  Colin talks about how Customer Science and the AI involved will enable more customer segmentation that was possible in an analog world. 
  • 29:24  We summarize our discussion and what it means for practical steps organizations can take to successfully integrate digital and physical experiences moving forward.    


Do you have a business pickle? Tell us about it here.


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