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Mar 30, 2019

Brand Or Customer Experience - what comes first?


The ubiquity of brands is undeniable. With the constant exposure to them, we all feel like we know what a brand is. However, when we are asked to explain it, we often fumble. In fact, it is remarkable just how different our answers are. It seems as if no one really knows what a brand is at all.

Branding is imperative to having an outstanding Customer Experience. The relationship between your brand and the outcome of your experience, at least in the customer’s eye, has deep roots in customer loyalty as well.



We are often asked which comes first, the brand or the Customer Experience? Sometimes people want to know which is more important. Others simply want to know which of the two should they make the effort to improve?

The answers are: neither, neither, and both. Let us explain.

Brand is the promise you make to customers.

Customer Experience is keeping that promise to customers.

Both of these are essential elements to your Customer Experience. Both of them are vital and you can’t work on one without inherently working on the other.

Or can you?

This episode of The Intuitive Customer takes a deeper dive on the concepts of Brand and Customer Experience, and the complicated relationship they have with one another. We also explain how these two concepts are essential to forming Customer Loyalty. Best of all, we share ways that you can implement these ideas in your Customer Experience in practical terms.

Listen to the podcast in its entirety to learn more about branding and Customer Experience.


The Intuitive Customer podcasts are designed to explain the psychological concepts behind customer behavior.

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