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The Intuitive Customer - Helping You Improve Your Customer Experience To Gain Growth

Feb 3, 2020

Discover This Powerful Marketing Technique to Gain Growth


How you present information has a significant effect on how your customers perceive the message. It’s no secret; it’s why there are marketing departments. However, what is fascinating is that when we present information, we can take advantage of things that shouldn’t matter when you think about them rationally, but that do matter quite a bit when it comes to customer-driven growth. 


For example, if I were to tell you Forrester, a global research company, predicted that 1 in 4 Customer Experience professionals would lose their jobs this year, does that sound like good news? It doesn’t seem to be to me—and probably not to you if you happen to have a job title with Customer Experience in the title.


Now, let’s pretend that I told you Forrester predicted that 3 out of 4 Customer Experience professionals would keep their jobs this year. Does that sound as dire as the first prediction? In my opinion, it doesn’t. I am not sure I would even mention it if it were positioned that way. 


Both predictions tell you the same thing and have the same facts supporting them. However, one sounds like doom and gloom, and one does not. How we perceive the news about the future of Customer Experience employment is affected quite a bit by how we heard the prediction. 


This phenomenon has a psychological term that describes it called Framing Effects. The scientific community defines Framing Effects as giving people information that does not change, but varying something about how you present it to position the data in a specific way. 


Framing art is a useful way to understand how Framing Effects work for information. If you think about mounting a painting or photo, different frames change how you perceive the artwork. A different color frame might bring out a color in the picture, or a different material might present the art as more or less valuable than it is in reality. The way you present the art in the frame will affect how it affects the viewer. 


This episode of The Intuitive Customer discusses how Framing Effects change how people perceive the same facts or situations and why. We also discuss how you can use the way Framing Effects change communication to foster customer-driven growth or improve the Customer Experience for your organization. 


The Intuitive Customer podcasts help you take your Customer Experience to the next level by unlocking the “hidden” aspects of your experience and determining what really drives value for your customers.


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