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The Intuitive Customer - Helping You Improve Your Customer Experience To Gain Growth

Jun 1, 2024

This has been created in partnership with NICE.

AI is a significant development in experience management, but many organizations need help with its implementation. While experimenting with AI, like ChatGPT, offers a glimpse of its potential, it's challenging to understand how AI fits into the broader tech stack and business systems.


In today’s episode, Elizabeth Tobey, Head of Marketing for Digital and AI for NICE ) NICE, an AI platform, shares insights on effectively using AI to enhance experiences. 


This video summarizes what I see happening in many organizations regarding implementing AI.


Tobey says that many organizations have told her they don’t know where to start. She emphasizes the importance of beginning with impactful AI use cases and setting clear KPIs to measure success post-deployment. NICE's suite of solutions helps identify pain points within a company, enabling targeted AI implementations, such as Enlighten XO, which stands for experience optimization.


However, implementing AI requires overcoming siloed approaches and investing in third-party solutions due to resource limitations and expertise within organizations. Customizing AI models for specific customer experiences is crucial, as different experiences require different approaches. 


In other words, you don’t want the same experience buying a luxury car as returning running shoes. One must feel posh and comprehensive, while the other should be quick and easy. (We’ll let you guess which is which.)


Tobey advises that to sell AI within an organization, one should focus on solving business problems rather than promoting AI. Managing expectations about AI capabilities is essential, as AI alone cannot solve all problems. Instead, AI should complement existing technology, culture, and business objectives.


Tobey suggests clearly understanding success criteria and providing data to potential partners to demonstrate realistic outcomes. Building relationships with partners invested in success ensures alignment with business needs and fosters growth opportunities.


In this episode, we will also discuss:


  • The importance of understanding AI nuances and use cases across different organizational roles.

  • How AI solutions should align with existing technology and business objectives.

  • The role of partnerships in AI implementation and success.

  • Managing expectations and avoiding overreliance on AI.

  • The evolution of AI technology and its potential impact on businesses.

  • Customizing AI solutions to address specific business challenges.

  • Leveraging AI to enhance customer experiences and drive business growth.