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The Intuitive Customer - Improve Your Customer Experience To Gain Growth

Feb 4, 2023

I have written seven books, countless articles, and tons of keynote speeches, not to mention thousands of emails. As a writer, through and through, I know how difficult it can be to stare at a blank screen watching that blinking cursor wondering where to start. 


But a new AI-powered chatbot might make my life a whole lot easier, and yours, too. 


It’s called ChatGPT, and it has the potential to change how we create things and make the power of AI accessible to everyone. It is a conversational chatbot that can process requests and, if you want, write things for you. It has written poetry, code for applications, the copy for a Ryan Reynold’s MINT mobile company commercial, and more.  


Unfortunately, it also means ChatGPT is accessible to high school students that need to write a five-paragraph essay about Romeo and Juliet. If there is one group where ChatGPT is unwelcome, it’s the teacher’s lounge at any high school or college. 


In this episode, we discuss how ChatGPT might change the way organizations do things moving forward.


Key Ideas to Improve your Customer Experience


We also discussed what some of my readers on LinkedIn think of the AI technology in ChatGPT. Igor Rodrigues likes how it handles context. Sergei Liashenko thinks it could be useful for staff training. Graham Hill worries that if too many people leverage the technology, we will lose the distinctions between organizations that often provide a competitive edge. 


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Here are some other key moments in the discussion:


  • 02:41  We introduce what ChatGPT is and how we have been working with it, and how it differs from what other technology we have encountered.
  • 07:54  Colin shares some of the ways he thinks it will serve as a writing assistant for him moving forward, and Ryan explains how it has completely wrecked the educational essay. 
  • 16:51 Colin shares some of the responses he got from readers of the newsletter on LinkedIn. 
  • 22:53  We share what the 8th imperative would have been for our book, The Intuitive Customer, if we had leveraged the AI, and it was surprisingly good.
  • 24:32  We share our insights about what you should take away from this topic and apply it in your organization.


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