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Jan 14, 2023

In sales, it can be tough to know when a customer is no longer deciding but already decided—unless, of course, they tell you that out loud. So, it is incumbent upon you to read the signs that a customer has decided to buy. 

For example, I like to make drawings with pen and paper during my sales presentations with a contact. Then, I position the pen toward them during the discussion as an invitation for them to pick up and draw a little bit, too. 

If they do, it’s a good sign. Scribbling away on my pad of already scribbled paper, I know that the contact is engaged and interested in how my services will help them achieve their goals. 

However, there are several signals that a person sends when they are ready to buy. One of our listeners, Jason Bradley wrote in with a business pickle wanting to know what some of these signs are. In this episode we tell you and explain the psychology behind it.

Here are a few key moments in the discussion:

03:19 We present Jason’s business problem, how other listeners can send in their questions for us to answer on the podcast, and how Colin can tell a person has made a buying decision.
7:20 Ryan presents the Rubicon Model and how it applies to our psychology around decision making. 
14:35  Ryan talks about the differences in our mindsets before and after decision-making, and how it applies to political discussions.
20:41 We discuss how people have a preference for action and feel invulnerable after making a decision as part of their psychological need to be right about it.
26:19 Colin shares a story about a sales training that taught them how to get through Death Valley, and, no, it wasn’t a desert survival tip.

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