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The Intuitive Customer - Improve Your Customer Experience To Gain Growth

Apr 21, 2021

Brands have a problem sometimes. They get stuck and lose momentum and the ability to respond to changes in the market. Over time that can result in a loss of relevancy to their customers and an inability to keep their customers. Moreover, they lose out on forming solid relationships with customers that allow brands to enjoy the benefits of customer-driven growth. 

In this episode, we speak with Jason Ten-Pow, President of  ONR CX and author of the new book UNBREAKABLE: A proven process for building relationships with customers, about how to build deeper and profitable relationships with customers. 

Ten-Pow has been consulting in Customer Experience for over two decades. From the customers' perspective, the relationship between customers and brands sits along a continuum, with extremes as a ruptured relationship or an indestructible bond. Ten-Pow sees that the challenge facing brands is to move that relationship to the end of the continuum where the customer sees their organization as the one to which they are exclusively connected. Moreover, he would encourage brands to realize that deep, permanent relationships with customers are not a one-and-done process. It's an ongoing effort.

The benefits of this type of unbreakable relationship between customers and a brand are apparent as we come out of the pandemic. Brands with this type of emotional engagement with their customers can weather the storms of global pandemics, economic downturn, and upstart (disruptive) competitors. As Ten-Pow says, organizations gain the ability to take risks, remain relevant in a changing marketplace, and change how they do things when forming these strong and resilient relationships with their customers. 

Key Ideas to Improve your Customer Experience

 Ten-Pow says that there is a common misconception around Customer Experience that it is a "feel-good" exercise with no tangible benefits for the brand. However, excellent and optimal experiences that create emotional engagement with customers deliver much more than that. ONR's research revealed that only six percent of brands had achieved this type of connection to customers. His book addresses the other 94 percent and the necessary steps they should take for their CX Transformation. Here are few critical moments in the discussion:

  • 05:56      We learn the secret to not getting stuck in a CX Transformation process and losing momentum.
  • 07:12      Ten-Pow shares the five levels of the CX Audit, the first step in the Unbreakable CX Transformation.      
  • 12:18      We learn about the problem with Brands' data collection and use and what they should be doing with it.    
  • 14:50      Ten-Pow explains how technology solves problems, but the human relationship should be the priority and why that is the case.
  • 22:12      We hear about how Adam at JPMorgan Chase crossed the divide between theory and real-world implementation at their organization.
  • 27:35     Ten-Pow reveals the key to implementing successful CX Transformation processes: Pace.      

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