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Mar 9, 2019

One thing many positive Customer Experience stories people tell have in common is they involve a moment that surprised and delighted customers. Customer loyalty consultants refer to it as Innovative Customer Experience, and it is the key to getting your customers to talk about your experience to everyone they know.

Author, speaker, and customer loyalty expert Dr. Chip Bell is our guest on this episode of The Intuitive Customer podcast. As a customer loyalty consultant to Fortune 100 Companies, Bell explains how Innovative Service is the kind that gets talked about, and what inspires the customer behavior you want.

Bell says that while good Customer Experience is often appreciated, it rarely results in people talking, posting, or tweeting about it. However, when people have a unique experience with innovative service, they talk, post, and tweet about it all the time.

Innovative service is the pleasant surprise, the moment they didn’t expect in your experience. Bell describes innovative service as a moment that doesn’t make customers say, “Wow!” but the moment that makes customers say, “Whoa!” These Whoa-moments are what people talk about in person and online.


Innovative Customer Experiences are more than value-added. Bell says they are value-unique. The main difference is that customers expect your experience to be value-added. When they get more than they expected, however, it is unique—and that has a lot more value.

Delivering Innovative Customer Experience requires a few important considerations: 

  • When have you been surprised in a good way by an experience or customer service in the past?
  • How did it make you feel about the company?
  • Did it lead to an increase in your business or you recommending them to others?
  • What would be an appropriate and creative moment to deliver in your organization’s experience that would surprise and delight customers?
  • Do you have the proper culture for your front-line employees to deliver Whoa -moments to customers as they see fit in the moment?

This episode of our podcast explores How to Create Innovative Service and explains why people feel more loyalty as a result of them. It also will talk about what you can do in your organization to create these Whoa-moments in your CX strategy that will get your customers telling stories about you to all their friends, families, and followers. 

Listen to the podcast in its entirety to learn more about Innovative Customer Experience


The Intuitive Customer podcasts are designed to explain the psychological concepts behind customer behavior.

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