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Jan 4, 2020

How to Ensure You Make Good Decisions


I am an Apple Superfan. As a loyal customer, I notice all the positive moments in my Customer Experience with them. They reinforce that my brand is the best and buying from them was a good decision.


Moreover, if I ever see an article that is negative about Apple, or positive about a competitor of Apple, I don’t believe it or, worse, don’t read it. I don’t trust that it will be accurate, useful, or trustworthy to listen to that garbage.


My customer behavior here is indicative of Confirmation Bias. The psychological concept describes how people hold tightly to their beliefs and seek out support for what they “know” to be true. It also says that people will resist or ignore information that is contrary to their viewpoint. Moreover, if we do get information that is contrary to our view, we will interpret it in a way that supports our opinion.


Confirmation Bias is why we think that when our team loses, it is because the referees made bad calls, not our beloved team’s performance.


Confirmation Bias is why people with one type of political view watch one new network, and people with the opposing view watch the other one.


Confirmation Bias is why people worked on the three presidential campaigns of US Politician Ralph Nader, even though he did not have support from either Democrats or Republicans and absolutely no chance to win the election.


Everyone is affected by Confirmation Bias. We all have beliefs that, when challenged, trigger our defenses to protect what we know deep down in our hearts to be true by denying the other point of view’s validity. Because we all have it, overcoming Confirmation Bias is challenging and, in some ways, emotionally draining and existentially exhausting.


This episode of The Intuitive Customer explores Confirmation Bias and how it affects our decision-making as humans. We also take a look at how you can overcome your Confirmation Bias to make decisions that improve your Customer Experience, your Work Experience, and your organization’s bottom line.



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