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Dec 15, 2021

Imagine that you own a well-known car brand during a global pandemic. No one is coming to the show room to see your dealer’s cars, nor are they bringing them in for service. No one is really driving them around, either. What do you do?

For Nissan’s Hussein Dajani, General Manager, Digital and CX Transformation, this wasn’t hard to imagine since he lived it for the past 18 months. He and his Customer Experience Steering Committee came up with a virtual version of the traditional car-buying and service experience and implemented it in record time. The results? Double-digit growth. 

I learned about this story on a CX Network Live event. Fascinated with the story and the success, we invited Dajani to this episode of the podcast to share what he learned with you. 

Key Ideas to Improve your Customer Experience

Digital experiences are much more prevalent today than they were even a couple of years ago. The virus accelerated the emphasis on digital transformation of formerly analog experiences for all industries, even one like buying a car. The COVID-19 Pandemic also forced organizations to take more risks than they would have otherwise.

Nissan’s Shop@Home program is widely successful, producing double-digit growth at a time when many people weren’t even driving their cars much. Dajani shares what he learned during the project and the practical tips he has for other organizations that have a similar journey ahead. 

Here are a few key moments in the discussion:

  • 03:56  Dajani shares his story about how he ended up at Nissan and what he wanted to change even before the pandemic disrupted business-as-usual.    
  • 08:22  Dajani talks about how the day he thought he was getting fired was the day the organization called upon him to deliver.    
  • 11:53  We learn about Shop@Home and what it was designed to do for customers.    
  • 15:29  Colin asks Dajani if COVID helped get the internal team on board; Dajani’s answer might surprise you.    
  • 17:59   Nissan’s plan is to transform the business, not just get through the pandemic, and Dajani explains why. 
  • 22:47  We learn about some of the ways that Nissan changed the service experience to a virtual one and why it fixed some friction points for the business.
  • 29:51  We ask Dajani the practical advice he has for organizations on a similar journey, and he leads with empathy, empathy, empathy.  

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