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Dec 28, 2019

The Biggest Thing We Learned in 2019

If there is one thing we have learned in 2019, it is that customers give us a lot to think about regarding their behavior. How they behave and why are fascinating topics and one that has much influence on our Customer Experience outcomes. As we embark on a new year and a new decade, it is an excellent time to reflect on what we have learned and what made the most significant impact on us regarding customer retention and loyalty. 

For example, one concept about Customer Experience that has gradually proven to me to be essential to customer loyalty is the whole area of customer memory. This year, as in years past, we talked a lot about how the customer’s memory of experience forms. From Nobel-prize winning economist professor Daniel Kahneman, memories follow the Peak-End rule. His rule tells us that what customers remember most about an experience is the point when they felt the most emotion (the peak) and how they felt at the end of it.

However, this year, I also learned how memories are connected, like a fishing net. We may consciously remember one thing about an experience, but also our subconscious memories attach to that conscious memory. If you picture the conscious memory as one of the lines in a fishing net that you grab with your fingers, the subconscious memories are all the lines of the net that you draw up with it, connected and continuous. The image of it fascinates me because it illustrates how influential and essential memories are in Customer Experience management at a conscious and subconscious level. 

This concept is my favorite because we know that people don’t choose your experience based on the one you gave them. They choose it based on the one they remember you gave them. The Peak-End Rule, in this case, has significant implications on how you manage your Customer Experience. The Peak-End rule and the essential nature of customer memory is an example of how the lessons we learn and embrace can change the trajectory of our actions moving forward.   

Among other things, this episode of The Intuitive Customer is a year in review, a chance to take stock of what we know now about the reasons that customers do what they do in your experience. Understanding customer behavior and the drivers behind it can help you take your Customer Experience and the results you get from it to the next level in the new year and the new decade. 


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