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May 25, 2024

A Master Class Part 3: Unlocking the Psychology of Customer Experience

In the third episode of our Master Class series on the Psychology of Customer Experience, we delve into how other people influence our behavior. Understanding these theoretical dynamics is practical, empowering you to design effective Customer Experiences.

Robert Cialdini's research on influence is a cornerstone of understanding social dynamics and persuasion techniques. In this episode, we rely heavily on his groundbreaking work.

First, let’s consider Social Proof. Social Proof is a concept that describes how the actions and preferences of others influence people. Two examples that demonstrate how this works are the idea of trending, or the tendency to like something if others do, and the fear of missing out (FOMO), which drives people to join in activities or trends.

Reciprocity influences behavior, too. Reciprocity is the idea that people respond positively to kindness and favors. Many times, people who have been on the receiving end of kindness will return that behavior.. However, acts of kindness that inspire reciprocity must be genuine. If they come with the expectation of something in return, they will not produce the same results.

Scarcity is a persuasive tactic that capitalizes on the limited availability of a product or service to create a sense of urgency and desirability. It can be seen in online shopping carts indicating low stock or limited time offers presented during a cruise.

In this episode, we provide an overview of many of these social dynamics that influence customer behavior in your experience. Understanding social dynamics and influence can inform strategic decisions in customer experience design, including marketing campaigns, sales techniques, and product positioning. Best of all, Colin uses his serious “Master-Class” voice, which tells you that he really knows what he is talking about.


In this episode, you will also discover:

  • The concept of Social Proof and how it influences consumer behavior.

  • The power of Reciprocity and how acts of kindness can drive customer loyalty.

  • How Scarcity tactics can create a sense of urgency and increase demand for products or services.

  • Examples of these influence techniques in real-world scenarios, like online shopping cart messages and to-good-to-be-true cruise line offers.

  • The importance of considering social influences throughout the customer journey.

  • Strategies for leveraging social dynamics to enhance customer experiences and drive sales.