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Nov 30, 2019

The 7 Telltale Signs of a Company NOT Committed to Customers

I discovered many years ago that I could determine whether a company was committed to customers pretty quickly. When I thought about how I recognized it, I found that organizations that did not commit to customers had some shared company culture cues that indicated where their focus was.

The ideas behind this discovery later became my second book, Revolutionize Your Customer Experience. I developed for the book my Native to Natural™ model, which measures how customer-centric a company culture is.

There are four types of companies arranged on a spectrum. It starts with Naïve, which are the least customer-focused companies and are unaware of it. Next come the Transactional and Enlightened stages, which are firms that now recognize the problem and are consciously working to change their behavior to have a customer-focus. Finally, there are Natural organizations, which are the most customer-focused companies that put the customer at the center of everything they do without thinking about it.

In our global Customer Experience consultancy, we use the Naïve to Natural model to help organizations realize where they are with their present Customer Experience regarding Customer Centricity. It also helps them see areas where they need to improve to get where they want to go. This exercise requires self-analysis and answering critical questions about the priority placed on Customer Experience.

Few companies, if any, would want to be known for not committing to customers. If you asked most senior management a question like, “True or False: The customer should be at the center of everything you do?”, few of them would say false. Therefore, our questions ask about day to day operations and decisions, which are where the rubber meets the road concerning customer focus.

This episode of The Intuitive Customer podcast shares the seven questions that get an organization started at determining whether they have the customer focus that they want to compete in today’s crowded and cutthroat business landscape. The answers to these questions reveal the telltale signs of a company that is or, perhaps more importantly, isn’t committed to the customer.


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