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The Intuitive Customer - Improve Your Customer Experience To Gain Growth

Feb 25, 2023

Time is our most valuable resource. It’s a resource that you aren’t able to get any more of,  no matter what you do, and you are losing more of it every second. 

When you look at it like that, asking people for their time a much bigger deal than you might have considered at first. Therefore, when you are spending it with them, you should make the most of it. 

Moreover, you are competing for customers’ time. So, when they do give it to you, they are going to evaluate whether that was a good move afterward. If you are careful with it, you can end up on the bad side of an evaluation and a losing side of the battle for their attention in the future. 

Joe Pine, co-author of The Experience Economy, writes about this battle for customer attention and how they evaluate time given to you in a recent article about 'Competing for Customer Time'. Check it out here. We also hosted him on a recent podcast where he shared his three categories for customers’ evaluations of time given to your organization. They include time well saved, time well spent, and time well invested. 

In this episode, we discuss these three categories and what they mean to organizational experiences. We also talk about how some organizations do it well, and some waste our time unapologetically. 


Here are some other key moments in the discussion:


  • 03:22  Colin explains how the three categories of customer evaluation of time as Pine explained in the article and on the recent podcast created an Aha! Moment that rivals some of the most significant in his career. 
  • 08:10  Colin shares a story about calling his health insurance company and how they did not respect his time, how that could result in his finding a new provider, and how they will never know why.  
  • 12:39 We share an example of a company that takes their service and elevates it with the theatrical to create a time well spent evaluation. 
  • 22:44 We get into time well invested, and what expectations customers are likely to have before they would give an organization a positive evaluation in this area.
  • 25:33 We share our final thoughts on what is happening here regarding the battle for customer’s time and how you can leverage this insight for your organization.


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