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Jul 16, 2022

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Usually, we have one pickle per podcast. However, today’s podcast has two pickles per podcast. Sure, it’s still The Intuitive Customer Podcast, just now with an extra pickle. 


Our first pickle comes from Jane, who works at a large business-to-business company. They are implementing a Voice of Customer program to identify critical improvements necessary for the organizations. However, to get the insight they need to make sweeping changes, they need robust data collection. Jane asked us for advice on how to increase their survey response rates to get the data they need, and also how to get the local team to get on board with the data collection process. 


Our second, extra pickle, comes from Elizabeth, who asks, how is inflation affecting people’s ability to buy? Since I am sure that we are all curious about this issue—both as businesses and consumers—we thought we would include this one as a bonus. 


In this episode, we respond to both Jane and Elizabeth’s business pickles. First, we discuss how Jane can increase her response rates to her survey and get the team on board with the new initiative. Then, we dive into research from consumer research firm Attest that tells us a bit about how people feel about inflation and how that is going to affect their customer behavior. 

Key Ideas to Improve your Customer Experience


Previous podcasts might help take a bit of a deeper dive on each of our listener’s pickles. We had a podcast, that we produced in partnership with Attest, on the 5 Rules for Customer Research a few weeks ago, which addresses the areas of Jane’s pickle. Also, we did an episode recently called, Inflation is Going to Kill My CX, and that addresses some of the ways to respond to inflation in your experience. 


Here are a few key moments in the discussion:


  • 03:07  We hear the background on Jane’s pickle and what their company is trying to do.   
  • 06:37  Ryan shares perspective on how you can motivate people to respond to the survey in different ways, and Colin adds that considering who you are asking will also influence how you motivate them.    
  • 14:23 Colin explains how communication about how you will use the data you collect and being selective about how often you ask will both boost response rates.
  • 20:44  We learn about Elizabeth’s question regarding inflation, and Colin shares interesting statistics that he gleaned from Attest's US inflation sentiment tracker.
  • 24:06  Ryan explains how the way we buy gas might make the feelings about gas prices more painful. 
  • 26:08  Both Ryan and Colin share their insights on how organizations can respond to customers that are bombarded with price hikes and personal cutbacks that build relationships instead of destroying them.    


We produced this podcast in partnership with Attest.



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