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The Intuitive Customer - Improve Your Customer Experience To Gain Growth

Aug 20, 2022

My iPhone is getting bossy. It suggested widgets based on the time of day I was using it. This proactive experience is the future of experiences. Unfortunately, few organizations know how to build them. 


While the definition of proactive experience is somewhat fluid at the moment, perhaps the best way to describe it is to solve a problem before the customer knows they have one. This proactive experience is powered by the emerging field of Customer Science, a convergence of data, artificial intelligence (AI), and the behavioral sciences. Intaking a variety of consumer inputs, the machine will output a response intended to resolve these customers’ predicted needs creating a positive engagement tool for customer service.


There are benefits to customers with proactive experiences. Many customers want a proactive experience because it feels more personal, improving consumer satisfaction. It makes a person feel more important and appreciated when a system tries to recognize what they want. 


Organizations benefit, too. To the company, proactive experiences provide a different advantage: customer retention. If customers feel more satisfied with their experience, they are more likely to return to your site in the future.

In this episode, we invited Vasili Triant, Chief Operating Officer of Ujet, to  tell us more about what is possible with proactive experiences. He shares many go-to-market activities that can help organizations gain the first-mover advantage rather than we-are-getting-left-behind hustle.  

Key Ideas to Improve your Customer Experience


A company can do a few things to create this positive engagement tool for customer service. It all starts with understanding your customers, which involves customer segmentation, dividing them into similar groups, and appealing to what they have in common and value collectively. From there, you must hire people to transform this information into algorithms that can predict what the customer wants to do based upon indicators provided by said customer.


Here are a few critical moments in the discussion:


  • 06:17 Vasili introduces the concept of proactive customer service, its definition, and its benefits.
  • 10:33 We discuss the process of formulating a proactive customer experience and how to ensure its success.
  • 15:45 We discuss how proactivity contributes to the future of customer experience.
  • 25:22 Vasili explains how proactive customer experiences help to predict customer behavior.
  • 27:50   Vasili details his frequently asked questions and the answers he uses to help organizations take advantage of this engagement tool to boost the customer service experiences. 


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