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May 16, 2020

Post Pandemic Silver Lining: Are You Grasping This Incredible opportunity?
As everything starts to open, what is the silver lining of the pandemic? This is a unique opportunity to change customers’ habits and there has never been a better time to help customers form new habits. As states have reopened and people are emerging from their homes into the bright light of the post-pandemic world, we have a unique opportunity to make some changes in customer behavior
that can lead to customer-driven growth.  
In this episode of The Intuitive Customer, we are going to talk about how habits form and why. We will also discuss why this is an unprecedented chance to get your customers to change habits that will benefit your bottom line.  
Key Takeaways:
Here are a few key takeaways from this episode:
Habits are a cycle of Cue, Routine Reward. The cue is the stimulus; the routine is the reaction to the cue, and the reward is the benefit of the action. Consistent participation in the cycle results in a habit, for good or ill. 
The Intuitive System governs the realm of habits. You might recall that we all have two systems of thinking: the fast and emotional Intuitive System, and the slow and logical Rational System. As habits are automatic reactions to the cycle, they are picked up by the Intuitive System. 
Habits can be challenging to overcome once initiated.  The automatic nature of the cycle makes habits challenging to manage. This fact is troublesome to managers of Customer Experiences, mainly when the habitual behavior is for the competition. 
A common misconception about habits is that they cannot be overruled. While it is true that habits can be challenging to overcome once initiated, they are not an overwhelming desire that cannot be changed. If you decide you want to do something different, you can. It will just take a conscious effort to change the behavior when the cue initiates. 
The reason now is a great time to change behavior is because business-as-usual is already disrupted. COVID-19 stay at home orders have already disrupted everything for customers, including their usual habitual cues. 
Recommended Actions:
Since the world is not going back to the way it was, everything is going to be different. As a result, there are a few key takeaways we have for how to change customers’ habits, which include:
Figure out the cues that triggered the customers’ routines. What happened to the customer right before they exhibited habitual behavior? 
Determine what habit you would prefer to see at that moment. What would you change about the habitual behavior you observe currently?
Research whether there are hidden, unmet needs. What is something that customers do not get right now that would create a lot of value for them? (For this one, we recommend doing a deeper dive into what customers really want, not what they say they want. Our Emotional Signature® can help.)
Choose a strategy to implement a change in the cue that will encourage the new desired habit. What can we do in our experience that addresses these unmet needs that will inspire a new pattern to form?
Do not wait until the new normal is established. Is there something we can do today to set up the new customer behavior we want? 

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