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Jan 23, 2021

We recently spoke to Customer Experience experts who shared an interesting insight. They all say they wish people understood that there was no one thing to do, no silver-bullet-solution for Customer Experience. We couldn’t agree more. We believe that the best way to improve Customer Experiences is to do a lot of little things that add up to significant improvements. In other words, there is no one thing, but many things that you should do to improve your Customer Experience in 2021. 

One of the contributing factors to this mindset is the number of stories we hear in business books, blog posts, white papers, and TED talks that describe how organizations change this one small thing and revenue increases by 50 percent. While that makes an interesting story, it isn’t the typical result of making a small change. Perhaps why they are so engaging; because results like that are so hard to come by. Unfortunately, they often create unrealistic expectations. Upon encountering that mindset with my clients, I find myself quoting Prime Minister Winston Churchill, who, upon election, said to his cabinet, “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears, and sweat.”

Part of the reason this situation is reality is that Behavioral Science is complicated. Many factors affect how it works and what it does to customer behavior. Moreover, outside factors change how the concepts work with decision-making, and these factors are often out of your control.

Key Ideas to Improve your Customer Experience

In this episode, we discuss the problem with seeking a silver-bullet solution for your Customer Experience problems, where this problem originates, and how you can avoid making that mistake in 2021.  

Here are some highlights of the discussion:

  • 03:12 Ryan shares how people’s misconceptions about what science is contribute to the problem.  
  • 07:35 Colin shares a story about another contributing factor to the mindset.
  • 12:08 Ryan introduces the ideas about boundaries to science using Newtonian Gravity as an example.
  • 17:31 Colin compares the idea of boundaries to how you segment customer groups.
  • 23:06 Colin shares his recommended actions with two essential things to do in 2021.
  • 24:44 Ryan explains the difficulty with avoiding CX Management theories and how you can manage it to a successful outcome.

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