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Aug 13, 2022

Is your idea of an ideal evening a nice meal at home and a book or a Netflix queue? 


Or would you rather be at a cocktail party with people from all walks of life exchanging stories or jumping up and down to a throbbing beat in the middle of a crowded dance floor? 


How you answer this question is one of many ways that you can explore your personality type. The personality you have will help you determine how to leverage your strengths (and confront your “opportunities”) on your path to success. 


Psychology research determined that there are common areas of personality that all people share with many characteristics that fall under them. They are the Big Five Personality Dimensions and they might be useful to you on a journey of self-discovery. 


In this episode, we explore the Big Five Personality Dimensions and how they might affect your preferences. We also look at the characteristics that fall under those dimensions to determine how these facets can affect our choices. 



Key Ideas to Improve your Customer Experience


The Big Five Personality Dimensions are the areas of our personality that drive our decisions. They include Conscientiousness, Extroversion, Agreeableness, Neuroticism, and Openness. For each dimension, there are personality traits that are associated with the area. For example, Extroversion, which determines how you generate your energy around (or away from) people, has facets like warmth, assertiveness, and excitement seeking, as a few of them. We think taking an online quiz is a great start in a journey of exploration for better self-awareness, as well as understanding the people around you. 


Here are a few key moments in the discussion:


  • 05:00   Ryan shares his insight on the differences between the two personality camps for psychological research and how it relates to the Big Five Personality Dimensions.
  • 11:32   We discuss some of the psychology tests that human resources departments often use and how we think they should be applied to a journey of self-awareness and discovery. 
  • 17:05  We cover the Five Dimensions of Personality and explain what they are, as well as the characteristics associated with each area.
  • 24:26  Colin shares a story about how a leadership conference revealed to him several years ago how his personality traits were interpreted by his team through communication, and how they didn’t necessarily match his self-view. 
  • 27:50   We share the practical applications we see for personality exploration in customer experience, customer strategy, and personal self-discovery.     


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