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May 4, 2019

Why Are Insignificant Things So Significant?

Have you ever had the feeling that something about a buying experience didn’t feel right? Chances are if you did, you didn’t buy the product or service. Most times, how a purchase feels is a driver for our customer behavior.

This episode of The Intuitive Customer explores why insignificant things are so significant. In other words, why do the little things have such a big influence on what we do as customers? Also, we discuss how you can assess and address the insignificant parts of your experience to influence your customers to keep coming back rather than driving them away.

Each of us has two parts of our brains that influence our buying decisions. There is what we call the Rational System, which is logical and methodical, and the Intuitive System, which is emotional and automatic. These two systems work solo or in tandem to help us make buying decisions. 

When it comes to your Customer Experience, the Intuitive System is the one that interprets how an experience feels. It is also the system that processes all the little things that occur in your experience, kicking up emotional reactions in the conscious mind that you are aware of, and processing emotional reactions in the subconscious mind that you are not. 

The difference between an insignificant part of the experience you are conscious of and one of which you are not is the frequency with which you encounter the insignificant element. For example, if you have several instances where your Intuitive System has processed an emotional reaction to an insignificant element of an experience in your subconscious, it will kick it up into the conscious mind with a caption, “X keeps happening, and I like/don’t like it.”

Once you have a few varying insignificant elements causing emotional reactions, they join together to influence the buying decision. In other words, the insignificant elements gain significance. 

The question is, are the insignificant moments in your Customer Experience deliberate in their strategy to deliver a positive outcome or have you left them up to chance and are hoping for the best? 

Listen to the podcast in its entirety to learn more about Why Are Insignificant Things So Significant for your Customer Experience.


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