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Dec 24, 2022

The end of a year is always a nice reminder to reflect on time passed. It’s a regular milestone where you can check in on your experiences and remember the lessons gained from another trip around our sun. 


This year has been an interesting one. With a foot half-in, half-out of the pandemic, continuing supply chain issues, rising inflation rates all over the world, and a war in Ukraine, one might even say awful. 


However, like any year, everything isn’t awful. There have been moments, professionally and personally that have been exceedingly positive and have changed us for the better, even if it was just a little bit. 


In this episode, we each share a professional and personal lesson learnt from this year. From a description of the world’s ugliest knife (which you can see for yourself at minute 19:26 on our YouTube Channel of the podcast) to the significant realization I had that AI is just our bias written in code shared by our guest Broderick Turner, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Marketing at Virginia Tech., and founder of TRAP LAB, a few months ago, there is sure to be something for everyone—or at least some thing to entertain you. 


Key Ideas to Improve your Customer Experience


  • 04:37  Ryan explains how this year taught him that businesses should quit waiting for things to get back to normal; the future is the next normal.
  • 11:24  Colin shares what the revolving door on 10 Downing Street experience this year in the UK reminded him about business and philosophy.   
  • 19:26  Ryan explains that learning something new can make you feel more ready to adapt to change, and then showed the knife he made himself, which he describes as the world’s ugliest knife.
  • 23:32 Colin reminds us all that history repeats itself, which means that the skills we learned long ago might come in handy again; so, if you can manage it, don’t forget those lessons.


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