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Jan 27, 2024

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Customer research has some big problems. You might think the big problem with customer research is not asking the right questions. But it isn’t. 


Then, surely it’s asking the wrong...

Jan 20, 2024

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Justin Stafford (, founder of a

Jan 13, 2024

Per Statista, the amount of e-commerce losses to online payment fraud in 2022 since 2020 is $41 billion. If you think that is bad, get this: it’s supposed to rise to $48 billion by the end of this year. 


But wait, there’s more. Messente, a dedicated business messaging platform, notes the surge in package delivery...

Jan 6, 2024

Picture this: Your customers, like individuals, operate on habitual inclinations. So, if they habitually favor a competitor’s product or service, how does one instigate change? Here, we present seven potent ways to turn the tide.


But before diving into these transformative strategies, let's peer into the...