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Apr 6, 2019

Being the Guardian of Your Service Culture

Keeping up your culture of customer service is not easy. Leadership in many organizations find maintaining the customer service culture they have established is a substantial issue.

In this episode of The Intuitive Customer podcast, we spoke with three-time best-selling author, coach, and conference speaker Marilyn Suttle. She helps leaders and teams make subtle shifts to create breakthrough success for customers. Her clients have gone on to increase their scores for customer satisfaction and improved employee engagement. Many have also earned awards in their industry.

So, what is the secret to maintaining your customer service culture to all these critical gains and accolades? Suttle says it is first defining your customer service culture and then, for leadership to take responsibility for being the guardian of it.

Your customer service culture is essential to your organization. It is your competitive differentiator that gives you an identity in the marketplace. Moreover, a customer service culture is more than words on a page, more than your written mission statement, stated values or desired vision for your company. It’s the actions you take day to day and the emotions you evoke in your customers when you interact with them.

Suttle recommends you start by defining what your organization’s customer service culture is going to be. Once you have an agreement, you then must establish standards that show you are achieving success and accountability measures to ensure you hit them. 

Next is implementation, a part of the process that has its challenges. Sometimes, when an organization lacked a focus on customer service before or had a much different style, change can be difficult for the team and can foster resistance. Also, your leadership team usually wants to show an ROI for all the time and money they have invested in this effort, which only adds to the pressure.

However, you are not done with hard times yet. After running the gauntlet of implementation, you now face the task of upkeep and maintenance of the culture as you lose and gain employees and your workforce spreads across the country or even the globe.

Suttle has much experience with organizations that have been successful in defining, establishing, and maintaining their customer service culture. She shares her unique insight into what makes it work for them along with many of their best practices that helped along the way.

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