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May 18, 2019

Creating a Frictionless Experience 

As a global customer experience consultant for nearly two decades, I have never heard a customer say, “Gee! I wish that buying process was just a little more complicated!”

Why? All customers want their experiences to be easy. When things aren’t easy in a given moment, we describe that as friction. Every organization needs to find their moments of resistance in a Customer Experience and fix them—before the competition beats them to it.



This episode of The Intuitive Customer explores friction in Customer Experience with special guest Roger Dooley, international speaker, blogger, and author of Friction: The Untapped Force That Can Be Your Most Powerful Advantage. Dooley explains why friction happens, how to find out where it is happening, and how to fix it for your organization’s Customer Experience.

People don’t like when a Customer Experience is convoluted. We don’t want to exert too much time and energy making decisions unless it is absolutely necessary. Moreover, when we are tired or distracted, we have even less patience for tricky Customer Experiences. Many times, when there is too much friction in a Customer Experience design, we give up and walk away—a result that is not doing your Customer Loyalty any favors, not to mention your bottom line.

Organizations already know friction is a problem. Whenever we talk to clients in our global Customer Experience consultancy, they always tell us that they want to make it as easy as possible for customers to do business with them. 

However, few organizations understand what it takes to determine where the friction is in their experience. Often, it takes an outside perspective—usually ours—to point it out to them.

So why do companies have problems spotting friction on their own? Dooley says it is because organizations got used to the “way things have always been done.” Also, organizations often neglect to observe customer behavior that will typically reveal a friction-filled moment in an experience.

In addition, companies often think that what they have designed in their Customer Experience strategy puts the customer first. However, in our experience, they rarely do this; instead, they are putting the needs of their business first to the detriment of the frictionless experience they want to deliver.

Listen to the podcast in its entirety to learn more about Creating Frictionless Experiences for your Customer Experience.


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