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Jun 22, 2019

Customer Journey Mapping Using Behavioral Science

Journey mapping is how organizations look at the customer journey, or the steps a customer would take from the beginning to the end in their experience. However, we would say regarding journey mapping that it is not only vital to consider the customer journey from beginning to end but also to view it from the customers’ perspective. Journey Mapping employing this approach is what we call Behavioral Journey Mapping.

We discuss how to undertake customer Journey Mapping using Behavioral Science in this episode of The Intuitive Customer Podcast. We take a deeper dive on practical applications around our type of Journey Mapping, as well as advice for how to go about it.



Organizations often think a customer journey begins with the process, or when they first interact with a customer. However, when you look at an experience from a customer perspective, customers don’t see it that way. Instead, it begins for them long before that, usually when they first realized they had a problem and your product or service might help them fix it. The interesting bit here is how the experience starts is effectively outside of your control. 

This example is just one way that how you think your experience is from the inside differs from how customers see it from the outside. Furthermore, it illustrates how events beyond your control can affect how they feel upon arriving at your experience.

When designing a Customer Experience Strategy, you must consider not only the rational parts of your experience but also emotional. Therefore, from a Journey Mapping perspective, understanding how customers feel when they arrive at your experience is an essential starting point for your design.


In our global Customer Experience consultancy, we use customer Journey Mapping using Behavioral Science to try to correct where organizations get off track by including these emotional elements and getting specific about them.


When we do Behavioral Journey Mapping, we try to correct what organizations get wrong by including the rational, emotional, subconscious, and psychological moments of a Customer Experience—and getting specific about them. 

Listen to the podcast in its entirety to learn more about Customer Journey Mapping Using Behavioral Science for your Customer Experience.


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