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The Intuitive Customer - Helping You Improve Your Customer Experience To Gain Growth

Apr 1, 2023

This Podcast produced in partnership with Zuper™.

You are probably underestimating the importance of a vital part of your Customer experience. Most organizations do. However, neglecting to address it can have negative impact on your customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and customer advocacy. 

Dying to know what it could be? Well, the area that is often underestimated in importance is the impact of your field service engineers. Often the face of your company, these team members deliver a critical part of your customer interaction. Underestimating the significance of this part of your experience is a critical mistake. 

Field service is a term not everyone is familiar with. However, you are familiar with them even if you don’t know what they are called. Field service describes the people that install, repair, and upgrade your equipment. Their ubiquity is such that they are a part of everyday life. In fact, you probably saw a few at work in some capacity today; you just didn’t know what they were called. 

In this episode, we host an expert in Field Service on our recent podcast, Michael Israel (, Head of Field Service Evangelism at Zuper. Israel has worked in customer and field service for over 50 years. He has managed domestic and international field service operations, including 12 years at IBM. He's also been in management and executive roles with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) providers and field service software applications with Oracle and SAP. 

Here are some other key moments in the discussion:

  • 02:05 Colin introduce Israel, and Israel shares some of his related experience that led him to becoming an expert in Field Service, as well as what the area entails. 
  • 10:11  We get into a discussion of the changing attitude for the service side of a customer experience, from viewing it as a cost to seeing it as profit center.
  • 20:38  Colin asks why more organizations don’t embrace adopting software to manage this part of the experience; Israel’s response might surprise you.  
  • 24:23 We discuss the opportunity for a lot of companies regarding training and who does a good job with leveraging performance in this area.
  • 27:29  Israel gives us a glimpse into the future of field service and what technology will do to enhance this critical area. 
  • 30:37  We all share our key takeaways and practical applications for organizations that want to address field service in their experiences.


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