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Jul 17, 2021

In a discussion that echoes the age-old chicken vs. egg conversation sentiment, we engaged in a debate. After meeting a fellow Customer Experience proponent on a new social media platform called Clubhouse, we invited author and speaker Stacy Sherman to debate. The topic: Is Customer Experience the new marketing, or is it an entity on its own?

Sherman and I have a difference of opinion. Sherman, a director of Customer Experience and employee engagement at a global organization by day and the founder of by night, says that Customer Experience is the new marketing, replacing and usurping it. I don't see it this way, and I see it as an entity/team separate from but working closely with marketing. 

In this episode, we each make our case for our view. We also define what Customer Experience and Marketing are and the relationships that we see between them. In the end, we settle on an answer that should help organizations make the most of both teams. 

Key Ideas to Improve your Customer Experience

We have set up this episode as a court with Professor Hamilton presiding as the judge and jury to offer his unbiased decision. For our part, Sherman and I know that both the marketing and Customer Experience teams contribute a lot to the bottom line. We also understand that the two departments have many shared goals and metrics that measure their success. However, is one of them swallowing the other or do they both present value to the overall goal in equal parts? You'll have to listen to know for sure.

Here are a few key moments in the discussion:

  • 03:44 I define the topic of the debate based on a sentiment I have been hearing that CX is replacing marketing. 
  • 08:41 Sherman and I offer our Customer Experience and Marketing definitions, which set the foundation for further discussion of our positions.
  • 15:48  I explain why marketing has a different and equally important role as Customer Experience in defining what the experience should be.
  • 18:25  Sherman explains that the blend of skills and real-world application of experiences that makes Customer Experience the new marketing.
  • 22:15  Ryan asks us why this discussion matters to organizations trying to deliver an experience that promotes customer-driven growth. 
  • 26:38 Ryan gives his decision and summarizes the issue for us all. 

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