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Apr 20, 2019

Is Facial Recognition Creepy or Is It Just the Future?

Technology can analyze people’s facial expressions and determine what emotion they feel. It’s called Facial Expression Analysis and it uses Facial Recognition technology. This technology presents the most authentic option for capturing data on customers’ emotions during your Customer Experience. This technology is the next level of Customer Experience analysis and the future for the industry. Take a look here:

In some cases, however, it is the now, for facial recognition technology anyway. Big brands like Walmart and KFC use facial recognition technology already. Passengers on Delta can check into flights in the Atlanta airport using facial recognition technology. I unlock my phone and pay for purchases using facial recognition technology.

However, one must wonder….is this technology a little bit…creepy?

In this episode of The Intuitive Customer podcast, our guest Professor Bill Hedgecock from the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota shares his expertise on facial recognition and facial expression analysis technology and its application in Customer Experience programs. Hedgecock is an academic marketer and an expert in neurology who studies how the brain works in decision-making and often participates in psychology-based research that uses this technology. 

Hedgecock begins by defining what the two technologies are: 

  • Facial recognition matches a face it has captured to other images in a database.
  • Facial expression analysis determines the emotions felt based on how the face it has captured looks.

As you can see, the data potential for authentic customer emotion capture is enormous with this technology. To be able to determine how a person feels during the different moments of an experience in real time is invaluable to Customer Experience analysis and design.

However, like everything else, we have an emotional reaction to this technology. The idea that a camera is recording you during a transaction and analyzing what you might be feeling at different times is, to many people, uncomfortable at best and all the way creepy at worst.

The future for data collection is Facial Recognition and Facial Expressional Analysis technology. So how do we get over these uncomfortable feelings about it? More importantly, how do we get our customers over their uncomfortable feelings about our using it? 

This episode explores the potential and the pitfalls of this innovative and intimidating software and how it can be used to take your Customer Experience to the next level. In addition, we share important ways for you to help ease your customers uneasiness about its use.

Listen to the podcast in its entirety to learn more about Facial Recognition and Facial Expression Analysis technology use for your Customer Experience.


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