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The Intuitive Customer - Helping You Improve Your Customer Experience To Gain Growth

Feb 8, 2020

This is The New Imperative for 2020 


Our global Customer Experience consultancy engaged research at the end of 2019 to determine our direction for the next decade. We learned that, first and foremost, organizations want to gain growth. So, we have a new focus for 2020, helping organizations achieve the growth they want by assisting them in providing the Customer Experience they need to do so.

Growth is challenging today. Competition is intense due to many factors. One critical reason is that the time from innovation to imitation is down to weeks in many cases. Today’s businesses must face the challenges of new product and service launches in a commoditized market, fueled at least in part to massive growth in online commerce. 

However, gaining growth is not impossible, in fact, far from it. Growth can come from many different strategies. Chief amongst the approach is by providing a Customer Experience that meets your customers’ needs, even the ones they are not entirely aware they have. Meeting these unmet needs is the foundation of what we call customer-driven growth, which is growth powered by exemplary Customer Experiences.


Since 2002, Beyond Philosophy has focused on growth driven by an improved Customer Experience. Our work with Maersk Line, the largest shipping container company in the world, improved Maersk’s Net Promoter Score® (NPS)by 40 points in 30 months, a statistic I often share. However, the next part is essential to realize; they also increased their shipping volumes by 10 percent. Moreover, our work with RICOH Canada, the printer company, improved their NPS by 34 points in 30 months and also increased printer sales by 10 percent—and this was in a declining market.


If organizations want growth, we are going to give it to them. So, how do we get growth? Where do we get new customers? This episode of the Intuitive Customer explores the types of growth that organizations can focus on, how to approach gaining it in today’s marketplace, and the four essential steps to take to be successful in this effort. Moreover, we show how improving Customer Experience leads to this growth and why. 

The Intuitive Customer podcasts help you take your Customer Experience to the next level by unlocking the “hidden” aspects of your experience and determining what really drives value for your customers.


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