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The Intuitive Customer - Helping You Improve Your Customer Experience To Gain Growth

Jan 20, 2019

Stay Ahead of Your Competition with New Advances in CX Marketing 

This podcast discusses the five areas you can address that will change the results you get with your Customer Experience. With a focus on these five key actions, you will not only improve your Customer Experience, but you can also get a jump on the competition in the new year.


5 CX Concepts to Keep You Ahead of the Competition 

  1. Focus on the ROI of CX improvement.


Having a record of your return on investment (ROI) for Customer Experience programs is vital. An increase in sales is excellent. But not all ROI is sales-based. You can have an increase in your NPS (Net Promoter Score, which indicates your customers will recommend you to family and friends). You could also see improved Customer Satisfaction ratings, which are great for building a foundation for loyalty. Another area where ROI is apparent is in the costs you save by providing an improved Customer Experience.




  1. Segment your customers into personas.


People are driven to act by different things, which vary based on life stage, demographic, and personal attributes. Grouping or segmenting your customers based on their behavior is an excellent way to segment your customer base. Then, creating personas that represent these groups help your team understand the concept. With the persona’s characteristics to guide them, your team delivers an experience that appeals to each persona at an emotional level, which is the basis for creating customer loyalty.


  1. Use Digital Transformation as an enhancement, not a replacement.


Digital channels provide a new opportunity for your Customer Experience. However, too many companies approach digital transformation with an aim to cut costs and often cut away programs that are currently working in their experience.

Working toward a digital transformation should only lighten the load on other channels, not replace them.


  1. Embrace but manage your use of AI to enhance the experience.


Artificial intelligence (AI) is an up and coming enhancement to Customer Experience that can allow you to anticipate your customers wants and needs. Combined with the power of customer personas, you can target customers right when they are considering a buying decision. However, exercise caution wielding this powerful new tool. When used too efficiently, it can damage customer relationships and cross over to the creepy side faster than you think.


  1. Measure customer emotions, but in real time with facial recognition.


The success of any Customer Experience program rests on how the experience makes the customer feel. Facial recognition technology provides insight into how customers feel at the moment of the experience. New applications of it in Customer Experience can provide data that was previously unavailable at a large scale about how your moments in the experience make a customer feel.


To hear more about how to apply these five concepts to your Customer Experience, listen to the episode.


The Intuitive Customer podcasts are designed to explain the psychological concepts behind customer behavior.


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