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Feb 17, 2024

Exploring ethics is challenging. Given its abstract nature, it is a tough subject for learning and discussion. 


That said, we never falter in the face of a challenge.  We developed five principles of professional ethics we believe are vital to revisit periodically.


Are they rigid guidelines? Do they offer absolute answers? Are they timeless? 


Not quite. 


Ethics evolve over time, and what's acceptable today might not be so in the future. Nevertheless, ethics, much like any skill, can be nurtured, honed, and enhanced. 


It's intriguing to note the limited emphasis organizations place on ethics training. Perhaps there's an antiquated belief that either you possess ethics inherently, or you don't. It's possible that some organizations subscribe to the notion of, "If your parents didn't instill it, we won't either."


In this episode, we unpack the five rules of professional ethics. These five principles serve as a compass, aiding in constructing a framework for achieving the best outcomes and comprehending the path taken, ensuring it can be replicated successfully.


Here are some key moments in the discussion:


  • 05:41  We start with the first rule about setting your own personal boundaries, and whether or not it’s okay to kill your boss.

  • 10:05  After introducing the second rule, which gets deeper into the influence of context, we learn where Ryan gets demonstrations for his lessons on ethics (spoiler alert: It’s Netflix).

  • 20:51  The third rule talks about regulating the environment, whether that’s changing the culture or walking away from it.

  • 25:04  We go against what we usually say about intuition and encourage you to trust your gut…but only this time!

  • 28:24  We announce the last rule, which is a warning that nothing is perfect; finding the best solution is the best you can do in some situations and accepting that is essential.


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